My big wee bro racing at Dalway’s Bawn, Carrickfergus - 16 April 2011 - He’s number 4

Breakfast at Mum’s

Breakfast at Mum’s


Shepshed tap water, and a fluffy blanketed bed made by Mum, topped off with rain hitting the window. Relaxation.

Daytime T.V. :S

Modern day cartoons or a choice of two antique programmes? Will somebody pleaseee improve daytime T.V!

Lily-Bell and Thistledown Song 1 - Louisa May Alcott

 ”Awake! awake! for the earliest gleam
     Of golden sunlight shines
   On the rippling waves, that brightly flow
     Beneath the flowering vines.
   Awake! awake! for the low, sweet chant
     Of the wild-birds’ morning hymn
   Comes floating by on the fragrant air,
     Through the forest cool and dim;
         Then spread each wing,
         And work, and sing,
   Through the long, bright sunny hours;
         O’er the pleasant earth
         We journey forth,
   For a day among the flowers.

  “Awake! awake! for the summer wind
     Hath bidden the blossoms unclose,
   Hath opened the violet’s soft blue eye,
     And wakened the sleeping rose.
   And lightly they wave on their slender stems
     Fragrant, and fresh, and fair,
   Waiting for us, as we singing come
     To gather our honey-dew there.
         Then spread each wing,
         And work, and sing,
   Through the long, bright sunny hours;
         O’er the pleasant earth
         We journey forth,
   For a day among the flowers!”

Peeking through

Peeking through

A certain dawn was breaking all week….

This week was a week with too much to mention. Started with getting to see Cameron for Valentine’s which was lovely! :) Had a beautiful meal at the Lone Star in Buxton. Read some ‘Breaking Dawn.’ By Tuesday, the car windscreen was getting fixed and I was off to Derby for the Overseas fair, which to be fair was one of least exciting events I’ve been to this year….however it did allow for more reading of ‘Breaking Dawn’…Moving swiftly on, Wednesday, my ‘day off’, which involved a bit of a lie in if I remember correctly, was filled with a message from God to get back to basics in the C.U. Always fantastic when God’s teaching us stuff and strengthening us. Followed a little later by a party that caused upset with the neighbours…woops……but moving on, much later, another touch of ’Breaking Dawn’. By Thursday I had my weekly dose of the ‘Managing People’ lecture, which in my opinion is not one of the most interesting lectures available at the uni…..but anyway. By the evening, I read a massive article for Friday’s ‘Themes and Ideas in Culture, Leisure and Tourism’ lecture, - at 32 pages long, it was somewhat interesting, but by a 20somethingth page, I shut the laptop as I was literally trying to keep myself awake, and yet, I somehow found the time to fit in a tiny bit more ’Breaking Dawn’ before my bedside lamp went off…and well, that brings me to Friday, - wow I actually did include a fair bit of detail in this first weekly blog…Well today was fantastic. I went to the lecture semi prepared from lastnights sleepy reading, but when we began to discuss possible assignment ideas, I couldn’t help but get excited since I have almost exactly what I want to do in mind……soo perhaps I should do some research over the next few days, of course making time to finish ’Breaking Dawn’ which shouldn’t be too long away from now at the rate I’m going….So lastly in my week, popped out with the C.U. for a Pimms and some Onion rings at Wetherspoons. Nice night. Finished off with a very lengthy working week blog which I’m surprised at considering I was almost asleep today at 12pm…..So I’l go for now and perhaps be back with my weekend blog soon! God Bless!

Wake up!

Ok, so today I’ve been almost constantly reading ‘Breaking Dawn’. I don’t want to put it down either. But I’m absolutely knackered and I slept 9 hours! I’m about to this Overseas Work fair which should be good. Let’s hope its relevant info!

'Thank the Lord for the friends he cast, in the play he wrote for you'
Taken from the song ‘Sweet Mistakes’ by Ellis Paul

Yea…so I’m allergic to mud packs, as well as plasters, cheap jewellery and if my memory’s right, deep heat spray… I currently have sunburn!